Lake Comanche ans Pardee Lake are the mainstay of water sports in Amador.  

Lake Comanche is open for power boating, water skiing and fishing.  Large campground, equestrian trails and beaches offer something for every interest.

California state law prohibits human body to water contact within Pardee Reservoir, so water skiers, jet skis, and lake swimmers are forbidden, but boating and fishing remain popular activities.

The Mokelumne River Day Use Area is a popular access point to the Mokelumne River and for visitors to the Mokelumne River Fish HatcheryLocated 15 miles east of Lodi off Highway 12 and at the base of Camanche Dam, nearly a mile long stretch of the river awaits visitors in a natural setting. Popular activities include picnicking, strolling along trails, fishing for steelhead and salmon, and wading and swimming. This park also affords rafting access to a beautiful stretch of river downstream.

There are several picnic sites also available. The day use area is open from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year. There are 14 picnic sites with tables and barbecues, plus undeveloped riverside access. Special consideration has been given to visitors with disabilities by providing an ADA accessible vaulted restroom, trail, picnic site and fishing pier.

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